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[MBSR06] Verifying correctness of web services choreography.

Par Sylvain Rampacek le 2008 à 00h00

[MBSR06] Tarek Melliti, Céline Boutrous-Saab and Sylvain Rampacek. Verifying correctness of web services choreography. In Procedings of the forth IEEE European Conference on Web Services (ECOWS06), Zurich, Switzerland, December 4-6 2006.


This paper is about Web services used in distributed, inter-organizational business cooperation (choreography). In this application scenario, we have a multipart functional convention between all the involved Web services (called partners) in order to reach the purpose of the choreography. In such a scenario, two main problems can occur :

- Can we determine whether the resulted composition of partner is conforming or not to the expected behavior, with respect to the initial cooperation schema ?

- Can we determine whether the cooperation is possible by considering the individual partners’ behaviors ? i.e. are the different partners’ behaviors compatible between them ? In this paper, we address the second problem. We propose a method to model partners’ behaviors and to check the correctness of the choreography (deadlock-free) based on the properties of one partner’s behavior.


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